Hutch Pro Racer (1982)

This is my Hutch Pro Racer which I own since 1982. Original survivors from that time are the frame, seat post, pad set and pedals. The rest was recently replaced by NOS or restored parts.

Hutch Pro Racer
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Hutch Pro Racer
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Hutch Pro Racer, 2nd gen. pre serial
Hutch Pro, non drilled
pad set:
original Hutch (1982)
seat / post / clamp:
Kashimax aero / Hutch laid back / Hutch 1st gen. Donut
stem / bars / grips:
Hutch Deep H, Hutch Pro, Hutch
brake set:
Dia-Compe MX 1000, Tech 3 lever
rims / hubs /tires:
Araya 7X, Hutch Magnesium + Ti spindle, Panaracer Knarler Knobby
cranks / chain ring / pedals:
Profile boxed, 2nd gen. / Pro Neck 45T / Shimano DX